Picking The Best Foot Traffic Counting Solution

Picking The Best Foot Traffic Counting Solution

Shopping malls, quick-service restaurants, and big-box stores all rely on accurate and real-time foot traffic analysis .

However, for many, sensor-based retail traffic counters just don’t do the job. Here’s why.

Incomplete and faulty data

The biggest problem with sensors and some camera-based retail traffic counters lies in their lack of sophistication. For accurate foot traffic counts and length of stay measurement, you need a solution that can tell when a person has entered and left a physical space. If all you’re doing is counting silhouettes or motion, you only capture part of the data. Your foot traffic counts won’t take into account how many employees entered or left the premises. You can’t tell if the person leaving is the same one that entered the space. You only know how many bodies walked by a sensor or a camera so the data is flawed.

Proponents of sensor-based retail traffic counters are quick to point out that their solutions are anonymous, which is true. However, there are better solutions. Take for example Aquaji, the sophisticated AI-powered computer vision software that can generate real-time foot traffic data at a 95% accuracy rate. Aquaji’s innovative AI-enhanced computer vision system detects faces and body shapes without any personally identifiable information being captured or stored on the system. Aquaji can tell when a person has entered and left a monitored space, and when staff member’s features are tagged, the software will exclude them from future foot traffic counts.

The result is more accurate and actionable foot traffic data.

What are the benefits of face and body detection?

Because your foot traffic data is accurate, you can use it to gather deeper insights into your customer’s mindset and adapt your operations and marketing activities more quickly.

Real-time foot traffic analysis lets you do more, for instance:

  • Anticipate customer demand based on historic data gathered by the system.
  • Identify peak-demand times and adjust your staffing accordingly.
  • Monitor check-out and service staff performance.
  • Analyze your store layout and assortments to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Inform and motivate shoppers using context-aware digital signage content.
  • Evaluate your conversion rates.
  • Measure customer loyalty and engagement based on the number of visits and time spent in-store.

Retail traffic counters should be able to provide the kind of actionable data that retail businesses need. Only AI-powered marketing analytics solutions like Aquaji can provide the type of information marketers and retail operators can truly use to optimize their day-to-day operations.

What about privacy concerns?

No one takes privacy more seriously than Navori Labs, and Aquaji has been engineered to respect all local privacy rules and regulations. Aquaji detects physical traits and assigns an anonymous code to each person. There are no images captured or stored on the system, ensuring a fully anonymous process. Aquaji does not collect any personal data which ensures the software can be used in total confidence.