Release Note – Navori QL Software Version 2.2.5

Navori QL Software Version 2.2.5

Navori Labs latest software release, QL v2.2.5 delivers 14 exclusive features and innovations.

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  • 1
    QL Access Control add-on regulates and secures room occupancy (when someone enters or exits) while ensuring store and public place comply with local sanitary standards 1. Calculates the number of visitors in real-time 2. Detects whether visitors are wearing a face mask or covering regardless of color, shape or fabric pattern. 3. Manages visitor traffic in real-time via interactive digital signage displays 4. Create your own scenarios and management rules 5. Personalize your content 6. Monitors multiple entrance and exit points simultaneously 7. Requires a single camera, either USB or IP-based (video streaming)
  • 2
    The QL Content Manager has been completely rewritten using the latest programming languages. Our software’s user interface has been redesigned and is now 8 times faster with a 50% reduction in server load. QL is now certified for hosting tens of thousands of players using the highest security standards.
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    QL Server and Players use Web Sockets for real time communications for content publishing, remote player reboot, and data feed updates, QL Player software updates and many other features available from QL Mobile.
  • 4
    QL Player for Brightsign XT, HD and LS support Brightsign Hardware Management Portal integration. All QL Player add-on modules are supported including QL Mobile and Multi-Player Synchronization.
  • 5
    Navori has added a Smart Folder feature in QL Content Manager’s Library. These folders let users display content based on their assigned tags, final expiration status or the user type who accessed their content. Smart Folders also list content to be approved before they are distributed.
  • 6
    The Monitoring window now displays additional Player information, such as: the display model, free storage available, and the Player’s OS version. Users can also export a list of Players with their current status as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • 7
    Users can access Player diagnostic and screenshot in the QL Content Manager UI, including: the device’s MAC address, operating system, RAM, list of active QL Add-Ons, QL Server’s URL, number of Player restarts within the last 72 hours, date and time of the last display on/off event, number of communication errors and the most recent content download failure.
  • 8
    Simplified and enhanced content approval management
  • 9
    Designer: Copy or delete multiple objects simultaneously. Object snap option to simplify alignment and positioning. Apply effects on multiple objects such as a text field, date, time or top layer image.
  • 10
    Enhanced tag management with batch content tagging via drag and drop
  • 11
    Users can download any content stored on QL Server via the content properties window. This feature can be enabled or disabled in the User Role Profile.
  • 12
    In QL Mobile, edit data feeds from template extended tap: edit values, upload a photo from your smartphone or OneDrive / Google Drive, etc.
  • 13
    QL Content Manager is now available in Arabic and all other languages with reverse reading direction. Every window has been optimized for right to left reading.
  • 14
    Proof or playback reports now provide each impression’s exact time. This feature requires the BAP-16 Detailed Analytics Add-On. Note: detailed statistics are only available from the QL Server API.

QL 2.2.5 FIXES:

Software fixes from previous version.

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    QL Manager
  • 1981
    Allow underscore character in password field.
  • 2004
    Content Window: Sub folder creation issue in particular cases.
  • 2009
    Program preview when an empty playlist is inside the advertising slot
  • 2019
    Duplicate a day with date prior to current date will empty the schedule.
  • 2026
    Missing bold in Font set resulted in Android player failing to play the original template.
  • 2027
    Player selection disallowed in specific duplicate cases on SaaS.
  • 2207
    Template duration 200 hours causing the playlists to disappear from playlist window.
  • 2291
    Windows player issue in displaying specific weather feeds from HTTPS://FORECAST.WEATHER.GOV
  • 2427
    Uploaded time displayed in UTC with 2 hours difference with correct one.
  • 2429
    Windows player issue on specific feeds resulting in blank space between first and second row of data grid.
  • 2436
    White labelling: Server Feed Image container: Removed the reference “NavoriCONTENT” in the path